In the beginning, taking pictures was nothing more than family holiday gatherings, birthday parties, candid shots of brothers and sisters doing stupid thing and Dad running the handheld Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera. I became fascinated with the stop action feature and began to make mini silent movies of objects, stop action clay figures and actors magically movie across our wall, acting as a screen.

Fast forward to my teen years and photography became a hobby and cameras began to advance at light speed. Money was scarce and the quality I could afford wasn’t going to help with my passion for producing and my desire for improving my art. Night school was my first real attempt at learning and I began to understand light, composition and camera function. Point and shot became a thing of the past. An SLR 35mm camera changed my life and my Pentax became my constant companion.

After high school, my first adventure with my backpack strapped on and my thumb as my transportation, the world got a lot bigger. Traversing America, the Canadian Highway and riding the rails brought me to places and beauty I had never seen. Everything was my canvas and film was my medium. Black and white took on a whole new meaning.

After those few years flew by, settling down with family and a job was a big transition. How could I marry this photography passion and work? The term, “Starving Art,” rang in my brain. Time moved on and it took almost 25 years until I achieved something I never saw in my future. I now found myself as publisher of lifestyle magazines. Working more in the corporate side of our magazines, I soon found an opportunity to attend a famous national photography school (RMSP in Montana) and within a few years I was the main photographer. Portraits for adverting, macro food shots, landscapes, products, people and wildlife all fell into my viewfinder! But like everything else, those days passed and after 15 years of producing 5 different magazines, photography finally got back to where it all started, pleasure trips including world travel and wonderous sights.

Today I get to flip through over 50,000 exposures, reminding me of a life well-traveled, well spent and looking for the next adventure. I hope you will enjoy some of my favorites as I prepare to move many into the production art/photography world for others to enjoy.

Photograhy as Art

The word photography derives from the Greek; photos (“light”) and graphe (“drawing or writing”). We are not just capturing a picture, but a emotion, a moment in time to never be recreated.

“We are Writing with Light!”


Compostion is key and demands full attention to detail.


Without light… there is no color. Position and angle is everything.


Pictures invoke feeling and emotion. placing objects in perfect place is vital.


Standing in this great creation, one can’t help but be awestruck by the majesty, detail and beauty. Rock and water, hill and field, mountain and sky, all painted with brilliant colors, both shades and shadows. When gazing through the viewfinder you attempt to frame a timeless portrait telling a story with a single exposure.

As you journey, stop, look around, the finest picture may be right behind you… 


Staging and framing a still life of world culinary plates is one I truly enjoy. For just a few seconds the images represents a creation that every chef takes pride in and thinks of them as his art. Can you present them in such a way the viewer can even smell and taste the items?

World cuisine takes on a life of its own, quickly telling the history and style that each country’s food represents. Color, arrangement, condiments and garnish frame it all. Even the china and surrounding objects makes the picture complete.


As I have traveled around the world, it is the people that make the journey and experience such a joy. From one God, many people. All beautiful in their own way, culture and dress.

So inocent in so many ways, not poluted by the fast paced lifestyle of the big city or the trappings of riches and the need to keep up with others. 


Portrait photography may be one of the hardest when dealing with people. Nobody ever said, “I look great!” People picture are great when the subject is unaware of your candid captured shot. This is why animal pictures are so beautiful and natural. They are completely unaware of what you are doing.

In their natural surroundings and being what they are, tells a real story.



Taste & Smell

Draw the viewer into your creation using light, angles and color.

Detail and History

Items you never suspected to be of any interest until you show detail.

Beauty up Close

Things we never see with the naked eye or places we never visit.

Who could Imagine

Walking though a Ghost Town abanded country store, the things you may find.  

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