Landscapes of the World

With camera in hand, the journey starts with one step. Each day begins a new adventure, sights to see, and images to collect. Look ahead, turn to the left and right, turn around, the best picture may be right behind you. Nothing too small, too large or unimportant. Capture the moment…

Taste the World's Flavor...

From country to country, people to people and traditons from every nation, the food tells so much of the land. Every tastebud is challenged and with each picture, you can begin to smell the aroma, see the artistry, and memories that will never be forgotten once enjoyed.

We the People...

As I have traveled the world, there is no better subject than the people of the world. Unique in our cultures, we the people of God’s great earth, add so much to the adventure of travel. Unique lands, architecture and cuisane add to the expeience, but the pople make each country and continent what they truly are.

Animals and Creatures

The wonderful World of all created things. Animals, creatures and all living things on the face of the earth. Close up and personal looks at the life we share this earth with.

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